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Spread your wings and fly in the direction of your dreams

Posted by info@suzigarrod.com on July 30, 2018 at 8:05 AM Comments comments (537)

When your soul tells you that it is time for you to change, to let go of limiting beliefs and move your life forward in a new direction, some of those around you may not be as supportive as you had hoped. They may even attempt to hold you back.

Caught up in their fear of losing you, of things changing for them as a result of your personal evolution, they may (consciously or unconsciously) try their hardest to keep you locked into the old ways. They have a vested interest in maintaining those familiar roles, familiar patterns, familiar perceptions - it makes them feel safe.

Your transformation challenges their own view of the world, and to embrace or support that would mean stepping out of their comfort zone. It would mean feeling vulnerable, having to perhaps face their own inner demons and make changes. For some, that is too much to bear. It is easier, safer to keep things the same way, to prevent you from upsetting the status quo by moving forward. And so, they may sabotage your progress in some way.

So often it is the ones we love, the ones whose support we value the most, who are the ones that attempt to clip our wings. They encourage us to remain in our caterpillar state, rather than metamorphose into the beautiful butterflies we all have the potential to become.

It is their fear, not their love, that causes them to act like this and hold you ever more tightly with their cords of attachment. What drives their behaviour is a fear of change, a fear of being left behind, a fear of your evolving strength and potential; perhaps also a fear of their own potential growth and the transformation that will bring. They may feel threatened on some level by your increasing self-awareness and growing sense of purpose. Whereas once you may have turned to them for guidance, you now seek your own answers from within, and reach your own conclusions as to what you want your future to look like. They feel left out, not needed, unvalued, and may try to make you feel guilty for wanting to change. These are their fears, their limiting beliefs, their wounds - not yours.

I encourage you to break free. Gather every ounce of strength and love of self to burst through the walls of the chrysalis that can no longer restrain your true potential. Spread your glorious butterfly wings and fly to new horizons. Dissolve the fear others may project upon you and transmute it into love. You owe it to yourself to become all that you can be, and owe nothing to those who would crush your dreams in order to avoid having to face their own truth.

Despite what they may say, your strength, courage and commitment to follow your heart and embrace who you truly are, will not diminish them in any way. On the contrary, your transformation will present them with an opportunity to dissolve their own fears and unlock their own potential. They may always wish to remain caterpillars, content with the world they inhabit with no desire to change at all. That is OK. That is their choice. They have no right, however, to prevent you from choosing a different path.

By trusting your heart and making the changes it is telling you to make, you will show others that they too can change. That is how we make the world a happier place, a better, more loving and enlightened place in which to live. A world in which we accept our differences and encourage each other to fulfil our potential so that we can all become butterflies in our own way, instead of clinging fearfully onto the branches of familiarity.

Spread your wings and fly in the direction of your dreams, because that is what you were born to do.

Love and blessings,

~ Suzi ~

Dig deep for those golden nuggets

Posted by info@suzigarrod.com on February 18, 2018 at 11:10 AM Comments comments (105)

No matter what difficulties life throws up, I always look for the reason behind it and then embrace the learning. I actively seek the light rather than dwell within the shadow. I look for those golden nuggets of potential unfolding, seek the hidden meanings and welcome the possibility of new beginnings. Last night my mind came up with a novel, albeit rather graphic, way of explaining this approach to life. I'd like to share it with you in the hope that it inspires some people to search for the gifts within the challenges they face.

Dig deep, however big the whopping pile of sh*t that just got dumped on you. Climb high, however insurmountable, that mountain of cr*p might feel.

Those golden nuggets of insight, wisdom, truth and strength are lying in there somewhere, deep within the mountain of cr*p that just descended upon you out of the blue. It may take all your strength to wade through that swamp of hurt, betrayal, pain or fear. That pungent odour of lies, injustice or wrongdoings may make you gag at times. The very sight of the big pile of bullsh*t that lies before you, whatever form it may take, might make you sick to your stomach, and the pain of the hurt you are feeling at times, might make you crumble with despair. But those golden nuggets are in there, somewhere, waiting for you to stumble upon them. Granted, they may be way down deep within the core of that mountain of cr*p but trust me, they are there. 

Just keep looking for the glimmer of light that shines like a beacon of hope. Keep feeling your way forward through that darkness with faith and a total belief that you will get there. Keep wading through that quagmire of disbelief and desperation, and keep listening with an open heart for those encouraging whispers of your soul; for it is they that will guide you through the layers of helplessness and hopelessness towards that place of knowing.

Keep going and you will find the answers you are looking for, those elusive golden nuggets. When you find them pick them up, for you will have earned each one. As you hold these golden nuggets of insight, wisdom, truth and strength within your hands, and truly embrace the learning you have been gifted, you will find that beneath them lay the golden nuggets of understanding, compassion, forgiveness and gratitude. These gifts are also yours to embrace. Take them into your hands and hold them close to your heart; for by doing so you will find love, peace, freedom and joy.


Reframe the way you view your sh*t and start looking for the gifts that lie within it. Over the years the sh*t that seems so overwhelming right now, will diminish, decay and fade away. The gifts that you uncover from that sh*t, the layers and layers of golden nuggets that are waiting for you to find them, are timelessly liberating.

So what are you waiting for?  Let's start digging.